How Often Should Carpets Be Cleaned?

Carpets should be cleaned regularly and that’s a fact. But the real question is, how often is regular cleaning and how should carpets be cleaned anyway? Carpets provide your home that stylish and comfortable touch to the living room.

But then again, it’s quite easy to for grime, dirt, pollutants, and hair to hide unseen among the carpet fibers. Did it ever happen to you that your carpet doesn’t look dirty but it feels dirty? It’s because it really is.

How to Clean Your Carpet

There are many ways to clean a carpet. Some ways you can do yourself while others should be carried out by the professionals. But before you start cleaning your carpets, you have to first determine what areas in the room are heavily soiled and which are lightly soiled. Heavy soiled areas have to be vacuumed almost every day while lightly soiled areas can do away with once a week vacuuming. Medium soiled areas can use a twice-a-week vacuuming.

When it comes to professional cleaning, it is highly recommended that you call the professionals every three to six months to clean heavily soiled, high traffic areas. If the area or room receives moderate traffic and moderate soiling, you may simply have it cleaned once every six to 12 months. Low traffic areas with light soiling can be professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months.

Other Factors to Consider

Cleaning your carpet may go more frequently due to certain factors. A good example is if you have young children or pets around. The same goes true if you have allergies or if somebody in the family smokes. If none of these are present in your home and your carpets generally receive low traffic, then a once to twice a week vacuuming and once a year professional cleaning should be sufficient.

Of course, stains and spills are a different story. All spills should be immediately cleaned up or they will turn into deep-seated stains that are difficult to remove. You should have carpet stain removal compounds handy for this. Or you may want to switch to a stain resistant carpet.

Why Clean Carpets Regularly?

There are many advantages to regularly cleaning the carpets and the first is, of course, doing so removes pollutants and other dangerous particles from its fibers. Carpets that aren’t cleaned regularly are stained and may give out a foul odor. Too much dirt can permanently damage the carpet so unless you’re ready to tear it off, regular vacuuming and professional cleaning will extend its life.

Grime and dirt work like a sandpaper on the fibers of the carpet. The carpet degrades every day and the damage is irreversible. Every step you make on a dirty carpet will wear it away. That means you may have to install new flooring soon.

Why Call on the Experts?

If you want your home to look nice, plush, and bright, then you’re going to need clean carpets to welcome your guests. Regular vacuuming may help but nothing replaces the work of a professional carpet cleaner. Be sure that you have them over every year to ensure that your carpet looks good and stays healthy for a long time. To hire the best carpet cleaners in Rochester NY, simply follow this link